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Bates Update: Happy NEW Year from CB
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Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. Welcome my friends to the show that never ends. In light of recent events I’d like to talk about duality for a minute. Two Parties. Love & Hate. Black & White. Cowboys & Indians. … Read More

Inventions and Dimensions trio
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I’m super excited to release my first ever digital only EP from my newest trio! Inventions & Dimensions – Wabi Sabi featuring 7 original compositions and the musical partnership of: Joe Strachan on piano and Matt Buckner on drums. Inventions … Read More

FALL(ing) behind at Bates HQ
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Well I’m just here working, playing and living life. No excuses other than life is busy and I don’t feel like devoting time to promoting myself when I could be not promoting myself. Family time is precious. Chores are never … Read More

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